Schmidt personally write guide: How to transfer iPhone data to Android(Part 1)

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November 25 morning news, Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt recently wrote a 900 -word guide on google social station to teach user how to back up iPhone data to Android.
While Chinese mainland users can not enjoy some of the steps, as Google leader, personally teach users how to “defection” to Android mobile camp is not common.
The following is the full text:

I have many friends who are considering turning from iPhone to Android camp. Samsung Galaxy S4, Motorola Droid Ultra, and Nexus 5 other mobile phones with a better screen, faster, excellent user interface. For iPhone users, they are good Christmas gifts.
Here are the steps I recommend to put your iPhone data onto Android. Just like people from the PC to the Mac camp will not come back, if you camp from iPhone to Android, you will not come back. Everything will be backed up in the cloud, and there are so many mobile phones available. The latest survey data show that, worldwide, Android market share up to 80 %.( Note: IDC data)

1 Setting Android phones

a) Start up Android phone, connect it to a wireless network, log in to your personal Gmail account, then you can already download your favorite applications ( eg , Instagram) in Google Play app store .

b) Make sure your phone has been upgraded to the latest Android system ( 4.3 or 4.4 ) , if there is a software update , you will see the notification .

c) If you are using AT & T’s network, download Visual Voicemail (with little relation to domestic users).

d) Add other Gmail account now or later.

At this point, you should be able to see all Gmail messages and use any application. They should be able to work properly. We must ensure this.

2 Set your iPhone or iPad

a) Start up, connect it to a wireless network, make sure your Gmail already logged in, the iPhone’s software and systems have been upgraded to the latest version ( currently iOS 7).

b) Use iCloud to backup contacts. Open the iCloud in the “Settings “, address book should be open. If you do not use iCloud, you need to register one. (For Mac users, Mavericks system requires use iCloud to transfer contacts).

c) Set up your Gmail account. “Settings – Mail “, open exchange sync contacts. The latest iOS system should be able to sync Gmail contacts and iPhone contacts.

d) In the “Settings – Information”, close iMessage. This is an information system for iPhone to iPhone, Android phones cannot use. But even it is off, your iPhone can still use an ordinary text messages to send and receive message.

e) Make sure your iPhone has been completely synced on iTunes, so your photos and music should have been backed up to the Mac.

At the moment you should be able to see all Gmail emails, applications, contacts on Android phones.
If the contact is not synchronized to the Android phone, manually download the contacts from Mac:

a) Enter / icloud (, login your Apple ID, and then click Contacts.

b) In the lower left corner, click on the gear ( set ), “Select All” – “Export vCard”, so you can manually download the iCloud contacts to your computer.

c) Open in browser, click the upper left corner “Gmail” button, drop-down menu, click “Contacts”, you can see your Gmail contacts list. Point “more”, just import exported vCard from iCloud to Gmail contacts. You can also delete duplicate contacts or use the “more” –“find and merge duplicates” to troubleshoot duplicate items.

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