Apple released new iOS and OS X system, and launched a new programming language Swift

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Apple released the new OS X 10.10 Yosemite
Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite
1. Apple released its latest operating system Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Yosemite is the Yosemite National Park in the United States. As previously guessed, Yosemite overall adopts a very flat design: Dock bar like iOS, the application icons are all redrawn, and the frosted glass effect everywhere.
2. Yosemite biggest highlight is that it carried out deep integration with iOS, for example, AirDrop supports file transfer between iOS and OS X; redesigned mail client, support large attachments cloud transit function; with the new iCloud Drive client, user can synchronize data among Mac, iPhone, iPad and even PC.
3. OS X Yosemite will be open free update to all users in the fall, and developers can download the beta version today. Not a developer and want to experience the latest OS X ‘s friends in advance you can apply for OS X Beta Seed Program .
iOS 8 debut, “unprecedented” open
1. IOS 8 has finally unveiled, and it has many functional changes, rather than UI design. In simple terms, it is more open, even “unprecedented” open. iOS 8 strengthen notification center capabilities, developers can create their own Widget in notification center interface provided by Apple.
2. Apples health management and smart home system, which are performed by open API system. As wearable devices and App provides a data interface for Healthkit, and native application Health replaced the rumored Healthbook, became Apple App health class hardware and build information window + control center + data pool.
3. Moreover, the Touch ID which has a strict security red line can now also be used by third-party applications, but in order to ensure security, users fingerprint data will be isolated to protect, iOS and third-party applications are unable to obtain. In addition, Apple has opened up the input method, believe that this is good news for friends who JailBreak for input method.
Apple released a new development language Swift
1. Swift is a new development language introduced by Apple, which is simplified much compared to Object-C, removed a lot of tedious code symbols, the efficiency is higher, and the difficulty of development is lower.
2. Swift all adopts visual programming design, the user can write the code while see the actual effect of the code, and can conduct real-time preview, greatly increase programming efficiency.
3. Swift is regarded as the most influential Apple products by a large number of foreign technology masters, because Swift will affect the entire OS X and iOS development environment. With Apple’s own words to describe Swift is that programming has never been easy.

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